Trump-Backed Candidate Calls For New Political Movement Going After George Soros

( The Trump-backed candidate for Arizona attorney general, Abe Hamadeh, told Breitbart News that Republican AGs should “go on offense” against Soros-funded district attorneys.

Hamadeh’s conversation with Breitbart News Saturday anchor Matthew Boyle began with discussing the importance of the nation’s attorney general elections.

Races like these are crucial, according to Hamadeh, since state attorneys general must go on the offensive today rather than defend. He cited the recent Roe v. Wade ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court as an illustration of how conservatives in the legal community are contesting assumptions of the status quo.

In the interview, Hamadeh stated that one of the reasons former President Donald Trump endorsed him was his promise to hold the 2020 election’s criminals accountable. Hamadeh claimed that Trump had taught Republicans how to combat the Democrats on the extremist left.

Hamadeh claimed that because the extreme left has invaded and conquered every part of our existence, the struggle is no longer limited to the federal government.

According to Hamadeh, we need to target large tech and a portion of the sports business.  They’re pursuing us in ways we never anticipated. They’re indoctrinating our kids with critical race theory and gender disorientation. Therefore, here is where we need to be tough.

Show host Matthew Boyle argued that Democrat megadonor George Soros is attempting to weaken law enforcement nationwide by supporting far-left candidates for attorney general and district attorneys.

Hamadeh explained that Soros acknowledged that he would choose radical district attorneys and prosecutors around the nation. He stressed that attorneys general have the authority to supersede regional district attorneys, as Attorneys General can go in and pursue crimes that George Soros prosecutors refuse to prosecute.

Hamadeh commended San Francisco for choosing to remove the Soros-supported district attorney Chesa Boudin from office.  He also blasted ‘weak kneed’ Republicans who aligned with the duplicitous left during the BLM George Floyd riots.

Never ‘reach across the aisle’ with a group of people hell-bent on the nation’s  destruction. Even if the group is within your party.