Trump Beats Biden By 10 Points In New Poll

( On the RealClearPolitics survey of polls on Tuesday, Joe Biden’s average disapproval and approval percentages reached three depressing records.

Hunter’s Dad has never previously had a 38.8 percent average approval rating.

On average, America’s biggest Matlock fan has never previously had a disapproval rating as high as 56.9%.

Slow Joe is at 18.1 underwater points, which is another record.

Even at the liberal FiveThirtyEight, Biden’s popularity rating is currently at 39.6%. His average disapproval rating is 55.6%. That is 16 water-above-your-nostrils points.

Donald Trump’s average RealClear approval rating on this day (June 28, 2018), when he was in his second year as president, was 43.4 percent. His disapproval rating was 51.5%. He was now only 8.1 points below par.

And that was despite the corporate media in lockstep trying their best to sink Trump with tales of Russian collusion.

In other words, on this day in their respective presidencies, Slow Joe’s total approval rating is 10 points worse than Trump’s.

Biden’s issue is that he is now losing Democrats. Not only are gas and food prices terrifying Democrats, but
1) Democrats do not want Biden to run for reelection
2) losing issues like the revered Roe v. Wade “right” to kill unborn children demoralizes Democrats and causes them to turn against their party.

Biden is doing everything in his power to maintain the support of his left-wing constituency, including using pronoun-nazism and maintaining an open border. Additionally, the corporate media is doing all in its power to keep Biden afloat, but nobody pays attention to those jerks anymore.

There is a moment when reality cannot be denied. Filling up your gas tank is a dismal experience in Joe Biden’s America. It’s depressing to go grocery shopping. Demoralizing to see your 401(k) decline.

Furthermore, Democrats have excellent cause to fear Trump winning the White House back in 2024. Trump often defeats Biden in national surveys. Democrats are criticizing Joe, hoping that doing so would persuade him to abandon his reelection bid.

Democrats think they have a greater chance of keeping the White House without the elderly man with a mental disability.
If you think Biden’s popularity is low right now, just wait till after the midterm elections. Democrats will be depressed like never before due to the GOP’s unprecedented rout.