Trump Calls Russian Invasion A “Holocaust”

( Last week, former President Donald Trump described the ongoing conflict in Ukraine as a holocaust and called for an end to the killing.

In a wide-ranging interview with Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo last Wednesday, Trump suggested it was time to try and work out a deal with Russia to end hostilities in Ukraine. He told Bartiromo that Russia has “gotten in deeper than they thought possible” in its face-off against Ukraine’s military.

Trump boasted that Ukraine has been able to put up a fight because of the weapons it received during his administration.

Even so, the former president said things in Ukraine are “not looking so good.” He suggested a deal needed to be worked out to stop the killing, but added that Russia doesn’t respect the US and the Biden administration isn’t “doing anything about it.”

He said the west needed to stop buying Russia’s oil and blasted the Biden administration for shutting down US energy production, noting that it shouldn’t be necessary to import oil from Russia or Saudi Arabia because the US has “liquid gold under our feet.”

Trump said his efforts to make the United States energy independent and a net exporter of oil and gas kept Russia at bay, adding that Putin never would have invaded Ukraine if he was still President.

Trump also told Bartiromo that he feels vindicated by Germany’s decision to finally pay more into NATO, something his administration fought for throughout his time in office.

He also blamed Biden’s “weak statements” for Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine, telling Bartiromo that even if Biden didn’t plan to send US troops, he never should have admitted it publicly.

Trump also slammed President Biden’s State of the Union Address, calling it “terrible.” He criticized the president for not having any idea how to solve inflation and his unwillingness to address US energy policy.

The former president also warned that Biden’s weakness both in Afghanistan and with Russia may prompt President Xi Jinping to eventually invade Taiwan.

Watch the full interview with former President Trump HERE.