Trump: China Wouldn’t Threaten Taiwan Under Me

( You’ve probably heard the news about China threatening Taiwan recently. The Chinese Communist Party has sent a record number of warplanes over Taiwanese territory as the country ramps up warnings against the small country not to resist the called “One China Policy.”

China also recently warned French senators not to pay an official visit to Taiwan – a warning that was promptly ignored by France.

Former President Donald Trump recently stepped into the debate, adding that China wouldn’t be interfering with Taiwan’s politics and right to national autonomy if he were still in office.

Before he appeared at a packed rally in Des Moines, Iowa on Saturday, the former president spoke to Newsmax reporter John Bachman about Chinese President Xi Jinping’s insistence on the “reunification” of China with Taiwan.

Trump said he knows the Chinese president “very well” and that during his time in the White House, he had never spoken about encroaching into Taiwanese territory.

“And he wouldn’t have talked about it if we were in there right now,” he added.

It’s hard to disagree with…

Trump suggested that the only reason the Chinese president is talking about invading Taiwan is that he sees “weakness” in the White House, and knows that this weakness wouldn’t fight him hard on it.

“He watched the Afghanistan disaster, he looked at what took place there, not even conceivable,” Trump said.

The 45th president added that China isn’t the only foreign nation that has seen Joe Biden’s failure in leadership and wants to take advantage of it, either. He added that Biden is actually emboldening Russian President Vladimir Putin to take advantage of the United States, warning that the two major foreign adversaries have “lost respect for our country.”

Fact check: true.