Trump Defends Kim Jong Un From Media Attacks 

( Last Sunday, the United States and South Korea conducted a joint air drill, a day after North Korea launched a long-range ballistic missile into the Sea of Japan about 150 miles west of Oshima Island in Japan’s exclusive economic zone, Reuters reported. 

South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff announced that South Korean stealth fighters and jets along with US F-16s escorted US B-1B bombers to demonstrate the “overwhelming” defense posture and capabilities of the US and South Korea, the statement said. 

Japan’s Defense Ministry also released a statement last Sunday announcing a joint technical exercise with the US in which Japanese F-15s flew over the Sea of Japan with US B-1 bombers and F-16 jets, according to Reuters. 

In response to the joint exercises between the US and its allies in the region, former President Donald Trump blasted the US and its allies for the “provocative drills” and showed sympathy for North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, arguing that Kim “feels threatened” by the training exercises.  

In a post on Truth Social, Trump boasted of his relationship with Kim and said the North Korean dictator is “not happy” about the joint drills conducted by the US and its allies, adding, “He feels threatened.” 

Trump claimed that he frequently complained about the South Koreans not paying the US enough for the “extremely expensive and provocative drills,” adding that he had made a deal for Seoul to pay “$Billions” but President Biden “gave it away.”  

In a statement last weekend, Kim’s sister Kim Yo Jong said that last Saturday’s missile was not aimed at South Korea since the North had no intention “to stand face to face with them,” KCNA reported. She called on the United States to “stop all actions” that threaten the security of North Korea, warning that any US hostility would be countered by North Korea. 

After Saturday’s missile launch, Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Washington is prepared to negotiate with North Korea “without any preconditions.” Blinken also said that the United States’ commitment to the security of both South Korea and Japan remains “ironclad.”