Trump Demands The Removal Of Mitch McConnell From Power

( Last week, former President Donald Trump launched into another round of friendly fire, this time accusing Senator Mitch McConnell of being “a pawn for the Democrats” and urging Republican Senators to remove McConnell from his position as minority leader “immediately.”

Ranting on Truth Social, the former president shared an article alleging that McConnell and his wife, former Trump Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao, have questionable ties to China. Trump accused McConnell of failing to stop the Democrats from passing the so-called “Inflation Reduction Act.”

Stop them how?

Not one Republican voted for it. Nor did a single Republican need to vote for it. The 50 Democrats plus tie-breaker Kamala Harris rammed it through. That’s not McConnell’s doing.

If anything, Trump might want to look into the mirror. Thanks to him urging Georgia Republicans to sit out the January 2021 Senate run-off elections, the Republicans lost the Senate.

In his Truth Social rant, Trump claimed the Democrats have McConnell and his wife “over a barrel,” adding that the couple “will never be prosecuted” as long as McConnell is the leader of Senate Republicans.

Prosecuted? For what?

He accused McConnell of being a “pawn” of the Democrat Party, giving them “whatever they want.” He added that McConnell fears the Democrats and refuses to do “what has to be done” so a new Republican leader “should be picked immediately!”

Picking a new Senate Minority Leader won’t change the numbers. The Democrats will still control the Senate thanks to tie-breaker Kamala Harris.

The solution is to ensure Republicans can retake the Senate in the November midterms.

Currently, the former president has raked in around two hundred million dollars for his “Save America” PAC, the PAC ostensibly set up to help Republicans win in the midterms. But so far, his PAC has not spent a dime on running ads supporting the Republican Senate candidates Trump endorsed.