Trump Goes Dark After Election Night Mishaps

( Election Day was expected to bring a “red wave” across America and solidify Donald Trump’s influence within the party, but the former president was disappointed by the results, only mustering the response that it had been an “interesting evening,” according to a report from The Guardian.

The underwhelming Republican performance in the midterms was watched by Trump and others at an event in Mar-a-Lago. Trump organized the event in a large ballroom on his Florida estate, but well into the night, he was not particularly talkative.

Trump is expected to announce his third run for the presidency in 2024. The midterms were expected to be his backbone of support, indicating that he still influences GOP voters. The president urged his supporters to bring on the “red wave” and elect his endorsed candidates, but only encountered a string of defeats.

In one notable race, Republican challenger Dr. Mehmet Oz lost to John Fetterman for the Pennsylvania Senate seat. Fetterman, who had experienced a stroke this spring, was expected to lose after voters learned of his inability to comprehend questions without closed captioning and his failure to piece together coherent sentences.

In Arizona, Kari Lake and Blake Masters had been defeated by their Democratic counterparts. JD Vance was the exception of the night, as he managed to pull a win in Ohio.

The only “red wave” that the party saw that night was in Florida after Governor Ron DeSantis overwhelmingly won the state, including the left-leaning Miami-Dade County. Trump was silent on DeSantis’ win. The two are speculated to be rivals in the upcoming presidential race.

After delivering a short speech, Trump was reportedly seen sitting at a table at the front of the ballroom for the rest of the night, without the same gusto for confronting reporters. As a storm approached West Palm Beach, the crowd thinned out within an hour. Once reporters were “strategically ushered out,” the former president finally stood up.

“Definitely not a Republican wave, that’s for darn sure,” Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham told NBC News.