Trump Is Cheering As “Most Important Witness” Steps Forward 

( On Sunday, former President Trump expressed his pleasure at the news that Robert Costello, a former legal advisor to former Trump attorney Michael Cohen, would testify on Monday before the New York grand jury investigating Trump’s alleged participation in a hush-money scam. 

On Sunday, Trump tweeted in all capital letters, giddily reporting that a highly regarded lawyer who previously represented convicted criminal, jailbird, and serial liar, Michael Cohen, will testify before the New York City grand jury on Monday afternoon. 

Trump wrote that according to what he heard, the evidence he would bring forth would be incontrovertible and decisive. 

The former president called the entire case a “witch hunt.” 

Cohen, a crucial witness in the probe, claimed Sunday that he was invited to attend as a “rebuttal witness” at the Manhattan district attorney’s office and hinted that another witness might appear on Monday. 

According to The Associated Press’s reporting, Costello contacted a lawyer for Trump and claimed to have evidence refuting Cohen’s claims that might clear the president. 

A grand jury is investigating whether or not Trump was involved in paying hush money to adult film actress Stormy Daniels before the 2016 election. Daniels once claimed that she had an affair with former president Trump. 

While Cohen has acknowledged his involvement in the payments, Trump has denied the affair. 

When Trump said on Saturday through Truth Social that he anticipates being detained on Tuesday in connection with the inquiry, the New York probe against the former president shot to the forefront of the country’s political radar. Trump’s call for demonstrations over his possible detention has sparked fears of bloodshed. 

Cohen, who orchestrated the payment, was given a three-year jail term in 2018 and ordered to pay $1.4 million in restitution and lose $500,000 in assets. Since then, he has been quite vocal in criticizing his former employer and client. 

On Cohen’s behalf, Costello allegedly discussed representation for 2018 and contacted the White House seeking a pardon. According to The New York Times, tensions between the two arose after Cohen publicly criticized Trump and then failed to pay a legal cost owed to Costello. 

The district attorney’s office did not confirm Costello’s appearance before the grand jury on Monday.