Trump Is Still The Undisputed King Of The GOP

( According to 19fortyfive, former President Donald Trump is the only major candidate who intends to run for president.

Even incumbent President Joe Biden has not declared his intention to run for reelection. From the Republican Party, no one has yet formally challenged Trump for the nomination.

However, the report believes challengers will emerge because Trump is weaker than ever.  Some polls show that Republican voters are turning away from Trump. McCarthy’s ordeal happened despite Trump’s support for McCarthy as Speaker.

There will be challengers to Donald Trump, but who will be the challengers?

The report claims Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who has emerged as one of the most prominent figures in the Conservative sect, is the most visible challenger to Donald Trump’s stranglehold on the GOP.

Conservative voters are enamored with DeSantis’ antics. Several polls have shown that voters prefer DeSantis to Trump.

According to the report, without a doubt, DeSantis will run in 2024.  He’ll be a serious challenger capable of breaking Trump’s GOP winning streak.

Former Vice President Mike Pence is expected to run against Trump as well.  Pence has recently been teasing a presidential run by publishing a memoir and commenting that the GOP is ready for new leadership.

Pence’s problem is that no one likes him but the elites.

But even that’s not certain.

The report explains Senator Ted Cruz is also expected to take on Trump. Cruz finished second in the Republican primary in 2016.  Cruz’s surrender signaled how powerful Trump had become and would become in Republican politics. Trump demanded and received obedience, even from people whose wives he had called “ugly.”

Cruz allegedly put out a hit job on Trump’s wife, Melania, first.

FAFO, as they say.

The report claims that Trump can win the Republican nomination, but victory will not be assured. Trump will almost certainly face a crowded field of challengers at a time when Trump is more vulnerable than at any point since winning his first Republican nomination eight years ago. However, Trump remains Trump and has a knack for achieving victories.

It’s time to stop looking at personalities and focus on work ethic.  That’s a big problem with pundits. They’re always trying to put candidates into perfect little boxes.