Trump Joins Peter Theil By Endorsing Blake Masters

( In the forthcoming Republican primary for the Arizona Senate seat, Blake Masters shared on Twitter a video of former President Donald Trump offering him a “complete and total endorsement.” The election will take place on August 28.

In the video, Trump says of Blake Masters that he backed him because he will defend our border, stands for life, and is tough on election fraud. Blake Masters is a wonderful person, a very clever guy, and an America First fighter.

At a GOP mixer in Arizona on June 8, Masters sprung into action to protect an elderly woman from an attack by a radical Leftist who was present at the event. The mainstream media attempted to portray Masters as the aggressor during the incident; however, video footage debunks this claim.

President Trump’s early support for Masters on June 2 has been solidified with the declaration made today. Because of this endorsement, Masters was able to gain a significant lead in the polls over his rivals, two of whom Trump specifically mentioned.

Trump lauded Masters as a “great modern-day thinker” and “one of the most successful business people and investors in the Country.” He also made clear another reason for his endorsement, which was Masters’s support for Trump’s assertion that massive voting fraud robbed him of reelection in 2020. He said this was the main reason for his endorsement.

According to Trump, Arizona is a State where the 2020 Election was Rigged and Stolen, and a thorough audit showed it. Blake is aware that the ‘Crime of the Century’ was committed; he will expose it and ensure that it is never allowed to occur again.

Trump says Masters is strong on everything required to keep Arizona first. On the other side, Mark Brnovich and Jim Lamon would never do anything except disappoint you.

The victor of the Republican primary election in Arizona in August will go up against Mark Kelly, the incumbent Democrat in the Senate seat.

Blake Masters is a successful entrepreneur, author, and the President of the Thiel Foundation, a charitable organization encouraging scientific research and technological advancement. On his website, Masters writes, “I’m a Christian, husband, parent, businessman, gun owner, and an early member of President Trump’s MAGA movement.”