Trump Jr. Preparing Trip To Campaign Against Liz Cheney

( Liz Cheney will soon find out that the Trumps aren’t gone from her life just yet.

According to a Politico report, Donald Trump Jr. is planning to travel to Wyoming to campaign against Cheney, the Republican representative from the state who voted to impeach former President Donald Trump. Cheney, the third ranking Republican in the House, was one of 10 Republicans to vote for impeachment the second time around.

As Trump Jr. told Politico:

“I hear it’s lovely during primary season.”

Since Cheney cast her vote in favor of impeachment, Republicans around the country have been fighting to strip her of power and condemn her for her actions. Republicans in the House tried to have her removed from leadership in the GOP in Congress, but she survived that.

She was, however, censured by the Wyoming Republican Party. And even though she’s two years away from having to face a re-election campaign, at least one challenger has already announced they will be running against her in the Republican primary for her seat.

Cheney did not back down from her decision to vote for impeachment. Just recently, she told Fox News:

“People in the party are mistaken. They believe that BLM and Antifa were behind what happened here at the Capitol. It’s just simply not the case, not true and we’re going to have a lot of work we have to do.

“People have been lied to. The extent to which the president, President Trump for months leading up to January 6, spread the notion that the election had been stolen or that the election was rigged, was a lie and people need to understand that. We need to make sure that we as Republicans are the party of truth, that we are being honest about what really did happen in 2020 so we actually have a chance to win in 2022 and win the White House back in 2024.

She added that Trump also “does not have a role as the leader of our party going forward. The single greatest threat to our republic is a president who would put his own self-interest about the Constitution, above the national interest.”

Since then, Cheney — the daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney — has received some support from members of her party, including Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. However, she’s also faced some backlash.

Representative Matt Gaetz of Florida, for instance, has already campaigned in Wyoming against Cheney. He held an event that roughly 1,000 people attended, and many called for Cheney to be removed from office.

As for Trump Jr., he would serve as a very prominent face — and name — campaigning against a high-ranking member of his own party. Cheney still has a long way until the August 2022 primary fight in Wyoming. However, if powerful people in the Republican Party continue to line up against her, she could have quite the fight ahead of her.

Wonder if she’s regretting her impeachment vote already.