Trump Jr. Says Taliban Waited Until Weak Biden Was In White House To Make Their Move

( The American media and the Democrats might be doing everything possible to hide from the public that the President of the United States is a weak, feckless, unwell old man, but America’s enemies aren’t so easily fooled. After Joe Biden announced his decision to end the war in Afghanistan back in April, the Taliban went on the offensive, confident that the President and Commander-in-Chief would do nothing to stop them.

Even after the Taliban made significant gains in the northern provinces, the Biden withdrawal plan continued unabated. On the 21st of June, as Taliban fighters retook control of Kunduz province, the Biden Administration vowed to keep to the President’s withdrawal timetable to have troops out before the twentieth anniversary of 9/11.

Such stubborn denial of reality from the Biden administration is precisely why the Taliban was emboldened. Would they have been so emboldened if America was led by a strong, decisive President more focused on the facts on the ground than he was on securing the perfect optics? It’s unlikely.

During an interview last Wednesday on Newsmax’s “Chris Salcedo Show,” Donald Trump Jr. said that the Taliban waited until there was a weak leader in the White House to make its move because, unlike half the country that voted for Biden, the Taliban knew President Biden was not up to the task.

Don Jr. pointed out that Biden wanted the credit for getting the US out of Afghanistan, but rather than follow the exit plan set up by President Trump, Biden tossed it out and “tried to do it himself.”

President Trump’s exit plan, Don. Jr. explained, included not pulling out during the Taliban’s fighting season. But Biden was unwilling wait. He withdrew US forces during the peak of the fighting season. Rather than keep President Trump’s conditions-based withdrawal, Biden put no conditions on the pullout. And when the Taliban moved in, they met no opposition from US forces.

Don Jr. noted that the other significant difference between Biden and Trump was weakness versus strength. Our enemies see that Biden “is an old man on his last legs,” and “an empty suit who can’t complete a sentence.” But in President Trump they saw “resolve, that he means business, that he is not to be trifled with.”

This, Trump Jr. explains, is why the Taliban was emboldened to act.

As a result of Biden’s fecklessness pullout of US troops, Don Jr. explained, this administration has “created the largest hostage situation in the world.”

Watch the full interview HERE.