Trump Jr Says They’re Going To Win “Again”

( Former President Donald Trump is widely believed to be planning another run for president, and while he has yet to confirm those plans, his sons have been dropping some hints.

Eric Trump told Newsmax TV on Tuesday that Republicans are all set to “ain again” in the 2022 midterm elections and the 2024 presidential election thanks to President Joe Biden’s horrific performance on key issues including the economic and border security so far.

During an interview on “Greg Kelly Reports,” Eric Trump said that there are many people across America missing President Donald Trump, and that for every day Biden “messes up our nation,” it incentivizes his father and his family to “do it again.”

That could be the strongest hint yet that the former president is preparing to run against Joe Biden, or potentially Kamala Harris, in the 2024 election.

And if it’s a fair race – meaning the issues of election fraud and misconduct are dealt with by Republican legislatures in the next four years – Trump is probably in with an extremely good chance of winning.

It’s already kind of surprising that a man as unpopular and ineffective as Joe Biden became the president in the first place…

Eric Trump, who is the Executive Vic President of the Trump Organization, also said that inflation will prove a key campaign point for Republicans, with Democrats seemingly uncaring about the rising price of fuel and commodities.

He also discussed President Vladimir Putin and Russia’s hacking campaigns against the United States government and bus8inesses, and the lack of respect other countries have for American ow that Biden is in charge.

Trump added that half of the country right now feel as though they do not have a spokesperson or a voice, and many others think they have made a big mistake voting for Joe Biden.

You can read more on the interview here.

Could President Joe Biden’s disaster of a presidency be what it takes for the Republicans to take back Congress and the White House?