Trump Laughs Off Kamala Harris, Says She’s His “Number One Draft Pick”

( President Donald Trump doesn’t seem to be worried about the Biden campaign announcing Senator Kamala Harris as their vice-presidential pick. During a press conference on Tuesday, President Trump almost laughed at the news when a reporter asked him about the decision, reminding the press that Kamala is in favor of raising taxes and slashing defense budgets.

“She is a person that’s told many, many stories that weren’t true,” Trump told the press. “She’s very big into raising taxes. She wants to slash funds for our military at a level that nobody can even believe. She is against fracking. She’s against petroleum products. I mean, how do you do that and go into Pennsylvania or Ohio or Oklahoma or the great state of Texas? She’s against fracking. Fracking’s a big deal.”

All of the president’s claims were true, too. Senator Harris recently voted against a bill that delivered important funding to the Pentagon, claiming that supporting it would not be in the interests of the people of California because it would include funding for the southern border wall. What, exactly, are Kamala Harris priorities here?

President Trump also reminded the press that Harris was in favor of socialized medicine.

“She’s in favor of socialized medicine, where you’re going to lose your doctors,” he said. “You’re going to lose your plan. She wants to take your healthcare plans away from 180 million Americans. 180 million Americans that are very happy with their health insurance and she wants to take that away. So she was my number one pick. I mean, as they would say, because hopefully you’ll start college football. She was my number one draft pick.”

The president also said that Kamala did badly in the primaries – which she did, and explained how she sunk to just 2% in the polls despite spending huge sums of money and originally being one of the biggest contenders in the race. He said he was surprised that Biden chose her, which let’s face it, lots of other people are too.

Harris is hardly the most likeable candidate around, and with her history in criminal prosecution – particularly in the granting of extremely harsh sentences to young men – she could prove a massive hindrance in obtaining key young voters that Biden struggles to win over.