Trump Leans Into New Title Given To Him By Biden

( Over the last week or so, President Biden has been using the term “Ultra MAGA” hoping to portray the Republican Party as too extreme. According to former press secretary Jen Psaki, the “Ultra MAGA” term was something old Joe thought up all by himself.

Maybe that explains why, rather than making the Republicans sound bad, Ultra MAGA ended up making Republicans sound bad-ass.

But Psaki’s claim that it was a term of Joe’s creation was a lie.

The Washington Post reported on Friday that the term “Ultra MAGA” came out of the work of White House advisor Anita Dunn after a six-month poll-testing effort with left-leaning groups.

Six months and they came up with “Ultra MAGA.” No wonder they said it was Biden’s idea. Who would want to take credit for that kind of a faceplant?

The only term Biden cooked up himself was the one he gave to former President Donald Trump last week.

While speaking at a union convention last Wednesday, a shouting, angry Joe described Trump as “the great MAGA King:”

Yeah, if you’re going to attack a guy, it’s best to avoid words like “great” and “king.”

Even the dopes who poll-tested “Ultra MAGA” wouldn’t do anything nearly that dumb.

Within no time, people on Twitter suggested that Trump was going to love old Joe’s “great MAGA king” title. And they were right.

Meme-maker “@MidnightMitch” wasted no time creating a Photoshopped version of “Lord of the Rings: Return of the King” that featured Trump as the bearded Aragorn with the title “The Return of the Great MAGA King,” which immediately went viral.

From his Truth Social account, the former President posted @MidnightMitch’s image, fully embracing Joe’s insult with both hands.

In another post on Truth, Trump thanked the bungling Biden for bestowing such a bad-ass title on him.

It won’t be surprising if the White House instructs old Joe to never use “great MAGA king” again. It is also possible his speechwriters will quickly phase out “Ultra MAGA” from Biden’s future remarks. The whole ordeal blew up in their faces like a trick cigar.

But given how things get stuck in Joe’s brain like a needle getting stuck in a groove on a record, it may be impossible to stop the senile old man from doubling down.

As Australian conservative Rita Panahi always says, Donald Trump has been blessed with truly moronic opponents.