Trump Makes COMEBACK Ahead Of 2024 With New Rally

( Former President Donald Trump kicked off his 2022 rally tour in Florence, Arizona last Saturday.

And while his “Save America” rallies are ostensibly campaign events to promote Republicans in the 2022 Midterms, Trump’s rally speech on Saturday sounded much more like a campaign rally for a possible Trump 2024 run.

Trump still hasn’t come out and said he is running again in 2024, nor did he directly announce anything like that in his Saturday rally. However, some are speculating that his pledge during Saturday’s event that “we” are taking back the White House was a strong hint of his future plans.

Then again, Trump has been teasing harder than a coed at a sorority mixer for a year now. So it’s possible this was just more teasing on his part.

But it was clear the purpose of Trump’s rally was to take direct aim at the failure of Joe Biden’s first year in office. Calling Biden “incompetent,” Trump repeatedly blasted the president on everything from his COVID response to the disastrous economy to his failed foreign policy.

Trump did manage to mention the midterm elections in his speech, predicting a “great red wave” that he said would begin in Arizona. He also predicted that Republicans would take back both the House and the Senate in November.

But much of his speech was devoted to complaining about the 2020 election which he called “rigged” and claimed that he won.

Trump’s rally tour continues on Saturday, January 29 when he will appear in Conroe, Texas just north of Houston. It will be held at the Montgomery County Fairgrounds just one month before the Texas midterm primary. Hopefully, Trump will spend some time campaigning for midterms candidates during his rally.

According to Fox News, a source close to Trump said the former president is planning to hold at least two rallies a month in the lead-up to the midterm elections.