Trump Mocks JD Vance For Desperately Looking For Trump’s Support

VIDEO — Trump Fights Back in Fiery CPAC Speech

( Donald Trump went on a three-minute rant about JD Vance and the fake news media at a rally in Youngstown, Ohio, where Vance is running for Senate. The former president traveled to Ohio to do a rally in an effort to generate more support for the candidate, according to Mediaite.

Trump mentioned how Vance used to be a self-proclaimed “Never Trump” Republican before siding with him. “JD is kissing my ass!” Trump said jokingly to a laughing audience. “He wants my support so much.” The camera then pans to Vance and shows him smiling.

Trump began by bringing up a story about a “fake story” from the New York Times that claimed that Trump was never invited to a rally before involving himself in their effort to prove that Republicans want to keep their distance from him ahead of the midterm elections.

Trump followed the remarks with compliments toward Vance, calling him a “brilliant mind” and “an America First warrior.”

“This is a great person who I’ve really gotten to know,” Trump said. “Yeah, he said some bad things about me, but that was before he knew me, and then he fell in love. Remember, I said that about Kim Jong Un. He fell in love and they said ‘Oh, Trump is saying he fell in love.’ Actually, he did if you want to know the truth.”

Trump-endorsed candidates have been doing well in the primaries, even ousting long-term incumbents. Harriet Hageman dominated against Never-Trumper and January 6 theater leader Liz Cheney and incumbent South Carolina, Rep. Tom Rice, lost his re-election bid to a Trump-endorsed candidate, Russell Fry.

Last Fourth of July, Trump was headlined as the U.S.’s most favorable politician, according to a Harvard Caps Harris Poll, surveying 1,308 registered voters, 42% holding a favorable view. Biden has finally pulled up from the depths after a series of legislative wins has given him higher favorability for performance.