Trump Promises Record Employment Will RETURN After Coronavirus

(TheLibertyRevolution.Com)- The outbreak of the Chinese coronavirus has done a number on the American economy. On Friday, President Donald Trump reacted to the incredible unemployment numbers from April. He told Fox and Friends that the unfortunate loss of jobs was “fully expected” following lockdown measures that were implemented to stop the spread of the virus.

“It’s fully expected, there’s no surprise, everybody knows that,” he said. “Even the Democrats aren’t blaming me for that.”

In April, unemployment in the United States increased to 14.7%, and the national economy lost more than 20 million jobs. It is the greatest job loss seen nationally since the time of the Great Depression. This time, however, it is the result of temporary measures enacted to protect the lives of American citizens.

During the Fox interview, President Trump talked about the moment that advisors told him he had to shut down the economy. It came at a time when the United States was enjoying record high employment and a booming economy.

“We had the strongest economy in the history of the world, the strongest economy we’ve ever had and we had to close it which is artificial, we artificially closed it,” he lamented.

Trump also defended the lockdown measures taken across the country, explaining how they have successfully slowed down the transmission of the disease. By slowing the spread, hospitals across the country have not been overwhelmed and fewer people have died than if the economy had stayed open.

“They were right because if I didn’t we would have lost two million,” Trump said, referring to his advisors.

He did, however, explain that he believes the economy will bounce back once the lockdown is lifted and life returns to normal.

“Those jobs will all be back and they’ll be back very soon,” Trump explained. “People are ready to go, we got to get it open and safely.”

On May 7, President Trump told his Twitter audience that he is “opening up our country,” and encouraged people to continue social distancing and washing their hands.

Speaking about the economy, he said America enjoyed the greatest economy in the world, and that he will rebuild it.

“I did it once, we’re going to do it again,” he said.