Trump Promises To Never, Ever Ride A Bicycle

( Over the weekend, President Biden had a very public fall while bicycling in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. And while Biden was physically unhurt, the fall likely bruised his ego.

The White House has featured Biden’s frequent bike riding as a way to counter the claims that the near-octogenarian president is physically up to the job, which is why Biden’s bike trip on Saturday conveniently ended at a scrum of reporters and photographers.

The president had just peddled up to the reporters when the fall occurred. He came to a full stop and attempted to dismount, only to get his foot caught in the peddle brace. Biden went down like Liston while reporters filmed the scene.

The videos of the president’s latest pratfall went viral on Twitter, with many Twitter users wishing former President Trump was still on the platform because they knew Trump’s response to the presidential pratfall would be hilarious.

And they weren’t wrong.

On Monday, the Hill posted a video clip from Trump’s speech during his latest America Freedom Tour rally where he addressed Pee Wee Biden’s Big Adventure.

The former president expressed his hope that Biden recovers from his fall and pledged to the crowd that he “will never, ever ride a bicycle.”