Trump Says The Reason He Stayed In Office is Because He Fired James Comey

( After former President Donald Trump admitted that his presidency might not have survived four years of James Comey heading up the FBI, the media jumped to accuse the former president of obstructing justice – but it’s a false narrative.

During an interview with Mark Levin on Fox News over the weekend, the former president detailed the struggles of running the country while the nation’s institutions are working against you in underhanded and often illegal ways.

Talking about the fake Russian collusion narrative, which was proven to be fake and investigators are now working to find those responsible for the scam, Trump and Levin relayed how failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was behind it all along.

“Hillary Clinton was behind most of this,” Levin said, asking the former president what he would like to say to her.

Trump said what Clinton and others did was disgraceful, before added that he fired FBI director James Comey, and that had he not fired him, Levin may not be talking to him right now about his new book – a photograph book that looks back on the four successful years of the Trump administration.

“I fired Comey, that whole group, now that group is coming back again? I mean, it is not believable. It shouldn’t be allowed to happen. Shouldn’t be allowed to happen,” Trump said.

Mediate and a number of other left-leaning and ultra-left websites immediately jumped on the story claiming that Trump’s decision to fire Comey was an obstruction of justice, but here’s why that was wrong:

Comey was actively working against a sitting president, pushing a false narrative and a conspiracy theory that was invented by the Clinton campaign and facilitated by the fake Steele Dossier.

How is a president obstructing justice by firing someone doing something so blatantly unethical?

Don’t believe the headlines. Trump didn’t admit to “obstructing justice.”