Trump Set To Leave Office With Higher Approval Rating Than George W. Bush

(TheLibertyRevolution)- You’ve probably heard the media claiming that President Donald Trump’s approval ratings plummeted to record low numbers, right? Well they’re wrong.

The data shows that President Donald Trump left office on Wednesday with higher approval ratings than President George W. Bush – a so-called “Republican” who attended President Joe Biden’s inauguration.

Bush, who has been no friend of the Trump administration and repeatedly sided with the Democrats, left office in 2009 with approval ratings at record lows.

The data from the aggregate of polls at RealClearPolitics shows President Donald Trump leaving the White House with an average of 40% approval. That’s higher than Bush’s average approval rating of 30%. And Bush didn’t have the media after him in quite the same way President Trump did!

Looking at data from Rasmussen Reports, which performs daily polls of the president’s approval ratings, Trump is performing even better than 40%. Rasmussen’s final presidential tracking poll of President Trump showed some 51% of likely voters approving of the president’s performance, with 48% disapproving. It means that the former president’s approval ratings have remained fairly consistent throughout his presidency and have even stayed high after the media and Democrats falsely claimed that he incited a riot in Washington, D.C. on January 6.

Rasmussen also reported how the president’s job performance dropped after the coronavirus pandemic hit the country, dropping to as low as 45%. But, even then, it’s not as low as the 44% felt by President Barack Obama in August and October of 2011.

As President Donald Trump leaves office and welcomes in President Joe Biden, he leaves with a higher approval rating than many other presidents who have not received the same level of hatred from so many major forces, from the Congressional Democrats to the media.

President Donald Trump also leaves the Republican Party in good shape. Better shape than President George W. Bush did, anyway. Republicans have increased their representation in the House of Representatives and have a real shot at taking back the chamber in 2022, and with a razor-thin margin in the Senate, Republicans could be set to strip Biden of any power to pass controversial and extremist laws in the second half of his presidency.

Assuming he makes it to the second half of his presidency and we’re not dealing with President Kamala Harris by then…