Trump Sits Down With OAN In Mar-A-Lago For Interview

( Former President Donald Trump sat down for an interview with One America News Network a couple of weeks ago that kicked off a flurry of speculation that Trump was attacking Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

During his interview which aired on January 11, Trump slammed politicians who refuse to publicly declare their booster shot status, calling them “gutless.”

Trump told OAN’s Dan Ball that politicians should have to say whether or not they got a booster shot. He said he’s watched “a couple of politicians” during interviews who were asked if they got the booster, but wouldn’t just come out and say “Yes.”

While he didn’t name any specific politician, speculation ran wild that Trump’s couched comments were a not-so-subtle dig at DeSantis who hasn’t publicly said whether he received a booster shot or not.

In an interview on Fox News in December, DeSantis acknowledged that he did receive the “normal shot” and reiterated that it should be the choice of the individual whether or not to get vaccinated.

However, to Trump’s way of thinking, politicians refuse to say they’ve gotten the booster “because they’re gutless.”

Or maybe they don’t say because it isn’t anybody’s business and they aren’t interested in playing along with the media’s obsession with public pronouncements of vaccination status.

It’s understandable why Trump would be so defensive about the COVID vaccines. It was his administration that rushed them into development. For Trump, the vaccines are his victory and he wants credit for them.

In December, supporters booed the former President when during a speaking event with Bill O’Reilly, Trump announced that he received the booster shot. The defensive Trump hit back that the vaccines have saved tens of millions of lives worldwide.

During the OAN interview two weeks ago, Trump again noted that the COVID vaccines have “saved tens of millions of people throughout the world.”

He also repeated his view that young people should not be required to get the vaccine since they are the least at risk from the virus.

Watch the full January 11 interview from One America News HERE.