Trump Supporter Required SURGERY After Being Shot By Feds…

( A Trump supporter who was at the Capitol on January 6 was reportedly shot in the leg by Capitol police with a munition launcher, according to The Epoch Times. Mark Griffin, a self-employed dump truck driver, was engaged in a friendly conversation with police officers over why he came to the Washington until suddenly there was confrontation between protestors and officers.

Police grabbed metal bicycle racks that served as barricades and rushed into the crowd while Griffin was sprayed in the face with pepper gel. He found himself on the floor with the feeling that his left leg was injured just above the knee.

“I went down, and some people helped me up,” Griffin told The Epoch Times. “I had no idea how bad I got hurt.”

He got up using his cane that he brought for protection from attacks that he thought would come from Antifa and made his way to the bus that he took coming in from Pennsylvania. He hadn’t yet realized that his left femur was split in two that came from a 38mm to 40mm shell that likely fired from a munition launcher behind the police line.

“I can’t figure it out,” he said. “It had to be one of those cops right in front of me, because from the left up in the parapet, you just didn’t have a clean shot at my left knee. From up there, you’d have to shoot over the heads of those cops, and you’d be hitting them.”

Griffin reportedly noticed a young officer in his earlier twenties looking frightful and went over to talk to him. He pulled out his ID and tried to calm him down.

“I said, ‘Man, this guy’s going to panic and shoot somebody or something,’” Griffin said. “I realized that was going to be me. I’m not sure he was the guy that shot me. But anyhow, I just felt I had to connect with that guy.”

After he told him why he was here, the officer allegedly told him that he voted and should go home. After Griffin said that he couldn’t do that because of the outstanding questions over the election, the officer did not want to talk to him anymore.

When Griffin began to see signs of trouble, where protestors were disconnecting the barricades, he was yelling at them to stop and helping the officers reconnect them, until all hell broke loose and Griffin was shot.

Capitol officers reportedly used incendiary devices, tear gas, and projectiles to punish the crowds without devising a strategy to effectively disperse the crowd. These weapons can cause serious death or injury when used in close proximity.

Griffin said that his presence on January 6 led to divisions within his family. Two sisters and an uncle refuse to speak to him anymore and blame him for the leg injury. But his 95-year-old mother still believes in him, he said.

He might bring up a lawsuit against Capitol police if Congress shifts to Republican from Democrat, but until then he said that he is going to continue to tell his story.

Griffin’s recovery took over a year and resulted in $250,000 in medical expenses.