Trump Tells Candidate To Cease Using Trump’s Brand

( On Monday, the Washington Post reported that an attorney for former President Trump’s political action committee sent a cease and desist letter to Arizona Republican Senate candidate, Attorney General Mark Brnovich, ordering him to stop using Trump’s “name, image, and/or likeness” in his fundraising materials.

Trump endorsed Brnovich’s challenger Blake Masters in early June. But Brnovich has continued to include photographs of Trump in fundraising emails to supporters.

In the letter obtained by the Washington Post, an attorney for Save America PAC threatened legal action if Brnovich continued to use Trump’s name and image misleadingly. The lawyer cites a recent email from Brnovich’s campaign with the subject line, “ACCOUNT TERMINATION NOTICE.”

In the email, the Brnovich campaign warns that donors would lose their chance to receive “our Trump polls, Trump rally alerts, and 2024 Endorsement opportunities” if they didn’t donate to Brnovich’s campaign.

In the letter, the Save America lawyer accuses Brnovich of using Trump’s name and likeness to “deceive individuals” into believing that Brnovich’s Senate campaign is endorsed and supported by the former president when it is not.

The letter to Brnovich isn’t the first time the Trump team has ordered a candidate to stop using the former president’s likeness.

Defeated Republican Ohio Senate candidate Jane Timken received a phone call pressuring her to remove a giant photo of former President Trump from her “endorsements” websites. Trump endorsed JD Vance, not Timken in the Ohio Senate primary.

In March 2021, Trump sent a cease and desist letter to the Republican National Committee, claiming that the RNC did not obtain his permission to use his name or likeness in fundraising. The RNC refused to stop, arguing that Trump is a public figure and the RNC referring to public figures is protected by the First Amendment.

One Trump fundraising advisor who spoke to the Washington Post said they aren’t waging war against Republican candidates because “we are all in the same party on the same mission.” At the same time, the advisor said, “we don’t want to be taken advantage of.”