Trump Took White House Documents To Expose The Truth Before Feds Targeted Him

( After former President Donald Trump’s home was raided by the FBI last week, ostensibly to retrieve documents meant to go to the National Archives, a Justice Department “source” leaked to the press that classified and top secret documents were among those found during the search.

Earlier this year, 15 boxes of documents that were meant to go to the National Archives were retrieved from Mar-a-Lago. Among the documents returned were supposed “classified information.”

However, in a May 2022 interview with Breitbart News, former Trump administration official Kash Patel said the documents in question had already been declassified by President Trump.

Patel said at the time that before leaving office, the former President had declassified a great deal of material that he believed the American people had a right to see.

Patel also claimed in the May interview that he had been with the President when he declassified the documents.

After last week’s search, Patel has maintained that the documents in Trump’s possession had been declassified by the president before he left office.

Last Friday, Patel appeared with Fox News host Martha MacCallum to reiterate what he had said to Breitbart earlier this year, namely that the documents at Trump’s home were declassified.

Watch the interview HERE.