Trump Warns That Taliban Will Take U.S. Night Goggle Tech And Share It With China

( Former President Donald Trump must be a real pain in Joe Biden’s backside at this point, not only pointing out his failures on the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan and the southern border, but also pointing out how the White House has equipped the Taliban with modern military equipment.

Joe Biden gave the Taliban an air force.

During a discussion with Fox News Digital, the former president slammed Biden for leaving behind U.S. military night-vision goggles that allow “night fighting.” Trump said that the Taliban can now simply ship the equipment left behind by U.S. military officials to China, where they will pay factories to “re-engineer” the technology.

It means that even if the U.S. military equipment left behind after Biden’s hasty withdrawal starts to fail, China will be more than willing to create more equipment that works in precisely the same way to equip the Taliban’s new army.

“We look like we surrendered, we look like we ran,” Trump told Fox.

He also described how the U.S. military was forced to leave behind F-35 fighter jets, which are “the greatest in the world,” when previously the Taliban “had knives.”

Do you think Joe Biden even feels the slightest bit guilty about that?

Trump explained how the United States has military technology that is the “best in the world” and said that night vision goggles will prove dangerous as the Taliban will be able to engage in military operations at night.

On the topic of re-engineering American military equipment, former deputy assistant secretary of defense for East Asia during the Trump administration, U.S. Army Col. Heino Klinck, said that it is “highly probable.”

He told Fox how the Taliban has curried favor with the Chinese Communist Party and as the Jihadist group is currently “internationally isolated,” it will likely work with Beijing on “financial and economic terms.”

Thanks, Joe Biden.