Trump’s Family Watched The FBI Raid Over CCTV

( In interviews Thursday night, Christina Bobb, Trump’s lawyer, said that the president and his family in New York watched the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago on closed circuit TV. The FBI instructed Mar-a-Lago personnel to turn off the cameras, but Trump lawyers turned them back on.

Dr. Gina Loudon interviewed Bobb on Real America’s Voice.

Bobb said it was funny because he assumes President Trump and his family had a better view than he did. They had CCTV to monitor. They saw it all. So they know what went on inside.

Bobb told Dr. Louden, who asked about FBI agents turning off cameras, that the FBI demanded they be turned off. The employees responded and turned them off. They turned them back on.

On Thursday, Politico’s Meredith McGraw reported Bobb’s comments on the Ingraham Angle on Fox News Channel. She said that we know about these stories since CCTV and cameras were on, so the Trumps in NY were aware.

Bobb on Trump saying the FBI opened up his safe-

“I actually couldn’t accompany them, so I couldn’t see what they were opening. We know of the stories because CCTV & cameras were on, so those in NY watching were aware. I have to take their word for it & know the president put the story out.”

The Trump legal team may release footage and images of the search, CBS News reported Thursday night.

Lindsey Halligan, a Florida-based attorney representing Trump, said the team is considering releasing the search warrant and inventory of evidence collected at Mar-a-Lago before a federal judge rules on the subject.
Merrick Garland stated Thursday that the Justice Department had filed a move to unseal the warrant and related documents “without protest from the former president.” Friday at 3 p.m., Trump must reply.

Two sources familiar with Trump’s legal strategy said FBI investigators sought to turn off Mar-a-security Lago’s cameras before executing the warrant. Trump’s team balked.

The Secret Service, which has a constant presence at the former president’s home, was not involved in the disagreement over the cameras because the private club owns and manages them, not the government.

Mar-a- Lago’s cameras may have captured video, but it’s unclear what it shows.

According to Halligan, there were security cameras in Trump’s office, but not everywhere.

The world may not see the FBI fiddling with the former First Lady’s underwear drawer.