Trump’s FBI Search Warrant May Be Tossed Entirely

( According to Kevin Brock, a former head of the FBI, the search warrant that the FBI obtained to examine former President Trump’s house in Mar-a-Lago may be thrown out in court.

A federal judge had ordered a special master to review the documents seized from Trump’s home, and during the Labor Day weekend, the news surfaced that Trump had been handed a legal victory due to this order.

Kevin Brock stated on the Tuesday evening edition of “Just the News, Not Noise” that he believes the government would be concerned about the issue because there is a fear that the search warrant itself was broad from the beginning.

Brock said that because the breadth that they were seeking was every single document generated under the Trump administration β€” this just seems to be too inexcusably overbroad. Now there are signs that they (the FBI) collected considerably more than they were permitted to collect.

Brock believes that the search warrant might be suppressed from view.

Brock went on to say that if he’s a prosecutor, he is concerned that this search warrant could be suppressed, and for those reasons, they would lose access to anything collected throughout the search as a fruit of the poisonous tree. He thinks that’s got to be in the back of their minds.

Brock attacked how the FBI raided Trump’s house and the standard operating procedure used by the FBI when conducting investigations, which is to begin with the least invasive course of action feasible.

When asked to explain how FBI searches generally take place, Brock stated that you go into a home and put up a system where the things you seize are diligently documented. They are provided with a unique tracking number and a barcode, and before you leave the premises, each component is scrutinized in great detail to ensure that it falls within the parameters of the document.

“And that’s only part one of the stories,” he said.

“The second component of the warrant is that it is not to be unduly wide as to what sections of the residence can be searched.”

He said you could only search those areas where it makes sense you would find the type of evidence you are searching for.