Tucker Carlson Blasts Media’s Love Affair With Joe Biden

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- Fox News favorite Tucker Carlson tore into the relationship between President Joe Biden and the media this week, calling it a “disgusting, corrupting love affair.”

Carlson, who is the most-watched primetime anchor on Fox News, blasted the American mainstream press for failing to hold newly-inaugurated President Joe Biden to account. He also tore into journalists fawning over First Lady Jilly Biden, given the hostility expressed towards First Lady Melania Trump, and asked again why Hunter Biden’s sex scandals have been completely ignored.

In the opening monologue of his Tuesday show, Carlson said that that mainstream press was America’s “most corrupt institution.”

It’s a message that Carlson has been pushing for years. In September 2018, Carlson simply stated, “We live in a country with deeply corrupt institutions.”

So, no change there, then.

“To hear the mainstream media tell it, Joe Biden is like America’s dad. A little blunt sometimes, but honest. A straight shooter, solid, reliable, steady. That’s Joe Biden,” Carlson raged.

“Above all, Joe Biden is a family man who took the train back to Wilmington every night to the 10,000-square-foot estate a campaign donor bought for him in exchange for unregistered lobbying on behalf of credit card companies. But he’s not like the last guy,” he added.

Carlson sarcastically pretended to be a journalist, stating, “Joe Biden’s family’s refreshingly normal! There aren’t any weird sex scandals or protracted drug problems or ongoing criminal investigations you’ve got to worry about!”

He also called out the media’s reporting of Joe Biden playing Mario Kart with his granddaughter, a story that several outlets ran with while conservative media was sharing the disturbing news that President Biden finishes work early while Vice President Kamala Harris makes phone calls to foreign leaders.

Yes, seriously.

Carlson also noted a recent Politico story that claimed the Bidens were bringing back “tenderness” to the White House – a dig at former President Donald Trump and his wife, First Lady Melania. Trump.

“That’s right, America, the Bidens’ love is like medicine,” he scoffed. “It’s more powerful than the COVID vaccine, and you only need one injection.”

The media coverage of the Bidens so far has been extensive, with outlets fawning of Jill Biden’s installation of love hearts on the White House lawn.

And naturally, the media was pretty mad about Tucker Carlson calling out the press, too.