Tucker Carlson Calls Commanders Ron Rivera A “Moron” On Air

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- After Washington Commanders head coach Ron Rivera fined Jack Del Rio $100,000 for referring to the January 6 riots as a “dust-up,” Fox News’ Tucker Carson referred to Rivera as a “fascist fool” and a “Maoist.”

Carlson stated that Jack Del Rio, the defensive coordinator for the Washington Commanders, recently noted that there is no discussion of the BLM riots anymore. Instead, they are acting as though January 6 is most important.

Because it is not acceptable to be honest on any level, Del Rio was verbally assaulted, according to Carlson.

Del Rio believed that in the land of the free, he had the freedom to express himself politely, Carlson noted. However, that didn’t seem to be the case. Carlson then called Ron Rivera a fascist fool who coaches the Washington Commanders. Rivera said that Jack Del Rio had no right to speak and that he would be fined $100,000 as a result. Carlson remarked that Ron Rivera lied when he claimed that lives were lost on January 6.
Reports show that Rivera said his organization would not allow any equivalence between those who demanded justice in the wake of George Floyd’s death and the activities of those who attempted to overthrow our country on January 6. Carlson called that statement blatant propaganda and dishonesty. Downright Maoist, in Carlson’s opinion. In essence, he was telling people to be quiet. You are not permitted to speak anymore. Carlson suggested that you will suffer consequences if you disagree with the dogma.
According to the media, Del Rio made the “dust-up” remark in response to a tweet in which he questioned the left’s focus on the January 6 riots and their seeming lack of interest in pursuing those responsible for the destructive nationwide riots that followed George Floyd’s death.
Del Rio later apologized for referring to the unrest as a “dust-up.” Still, Ron Rivera, the head coach of the Commanders and a close friend of Del Rio’s, publicly chastised his friend and coach for the remarks while referring to January 6 as an act of “domestic terrorism.”
Since then, Jack Del Rio has closed his Twitter account.
To be fair, the NFL should close its Twitter account, too. Judging by its low ratings, the NFL should focus on ‘patterns,’ not propaganda.