Tucker Carlson Ratings Are Sky High

Tucker Carlson and Fox News are annihilating their competition in the war for viewers.

According to a ratings report, in the first three months of 2023, Fox earned almost twice as many daily viewers as its nearest leftist rival.

On average, 1.36 million people watched the network each day. MSNBC, in second place, attracted 703,000 viewers.

In March, “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Fox News beat “The Five” on Fox News to become cable news’ most-watched program. After ten consecutive months at the top, “The Five” has given up its crown to Fox’s prime-time show.

CNN is falling as there are barely 478,000 people watching the network on a daily basis.

According to the report, this is CNN’s lowest ratings quarter ever, dating back to 1991.

By demoting political presenters and scheduling new shows with the cable channel’s longtime characters, network officials have attempted to shift the network away from its image as a tool of the Democrat Party.

Nonetheless, the network’s morning show did dismally, placing forty on the list of cable television programs.

CNN’s “CNN This Morning” only drew an average of 359,000 viewers each day, while Fox’s “Fox & Friends” averaged 1.21 million.

CNN has more troubles than ratings.

According to reports, Don Lemon, demoted from prime time last year, now hosts CNN’s morning program.  

It all started when Lemon lost his job as a CNN prime-time contributor, where he had previously worked with Chris Cuomo, Erin Burnett, and Anderson Cooper.

It has been alleged that  Lemon has grown so unpopular at CNN that not even Anderson Cooper, formerly considered a close friend, will speak to him.

Daily views for the liberal network dropped by 27% compared to quarter 1 of 2022, with the coverage of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

CNN saw a steep 40 percent drop in viewers aged 25 to 54, a group that advertisers highly sought after.
Even Fox witnessed a drop in ratings compared to the previous quarter, but far less than CNN’s drop. The top in the ratings saw a 15 percent drop in its average daily viewers.