Tucker Carlson Reveals The Best Kamala Harris Punishment Of All…

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- In another scathing show, Tucker Carlson took aim at Vice President Kamala Harris. But not after going after the Democrats and their President Joe Biden for all of the horrendous failures they descended upon the country; so many failures, that even CNBC reported that there is a rising number of Californians who are leaving the country for…


“Things are so bad in Joe Biden’s America,” Carlson said, “that thousands of Americans are voluntarily moving to a Third World country in the middle of a brutal drug war. Yes, there are human heads littering the side of the road in Acapulco, but at least it’s not Los Angeles.”

The biggest kicker is that while Americans are fleeing to Mexico, self-described Latinos are now favoring the Republican Party, with their prospective 2024 nominee being Donald Trump. But as Democrats are reluctant to endorse Biden for another term, who will take up the mantel? It doesn’t look like Kamala Harris.

According to Carlson, the vice president is falling out of favor and being dropped by Democrats like a “bad tinder date,” and given how historic of a female she is, this is egregiously wrong. It doesn’t matter that she’s a moron who no one likes, with a low-IQ and terrible personality, tossing her out the window like a “used Big Mac wrapper” goes against everything the Biden Administration led us to believe: that meritocracy has no place in the United States.

We know Harris was an Affirmative Action hire, only procuring the job because she checked the right boxes for race and sex, and that’s the way things should be. Abandoning her now would only be white supremacy.

Harris should be important enough to be the 2024 Democratic nominee (assuming Biden’s handlers have mercy on him and let him sleep. Weekend at Bernie’s was fun to watch, but that was supposed to be fiction). Denying her the opportunity as the first Black, Indian female Vice President of the United States is nothing short of insurrection. In fact, it is a threat to our democracy.

Needless to say, Tucker Carlson has endorsed Kamala Harris for 2024. “She deserves it and so do Democrats. They created her. They should be forced to live with her and anyone who disagrees with that is, by definition, a racist. “

Harris 2024. What do you say? Are you ready to be an ally?