Tucker Carlson Roars Over Wars The Bushes Caused With Liberal Policies

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- Tucker Carlson rewrote history Tuesday night by blaming liberals for international escapades like the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, which Republican George W. Bush started.

The Fox News anchor lashed out at Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) on Tuesday night over her trip to Taiwan, which has irked the Chinese government and ratcheted up tensions with the U.S.

Carlson termed the visit “completely worthless” with little upside. He claimed the trip was a provocation and then criticized liberals for damaging the U.S. position.

Tucker said the underlying question is, when did American liberals build something? “When did Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, or any of these folks – Susan Rice – generate something worthwhile?” he wondered.

Carlson informed his listeners, “Never. They break stuff. They show up, make things worse, then walk away. They never apologize. They did it in Afghanistan, Iraq, Ukraine, Syria, and Libya. Are they going to do it with China?”

Bush initiated the Afghanistan and Iraq wars in 2001 and 2003, respectively. After September 11, the public and Congress strongly backed the invasion of Afghanistan. However, the Iraq war was more controversial.

Carlson backed the Iraq war, which Pelosi voted against. The host afterward stated he was wrong to endorse it.

“I have seen no information or intelligence that shows Iraq constitutes an urgent threat to our nation,” Pelosi stated.

Some liberals in Congress backed the Iraq war after the Bush administration attempted to spread fear over Iraq’s WMD. That turned out to be untrue.
Obama initiated small-scale military actions in Syria and Libya. Meanwhile, the Biden administration has dispatched arms and supplies to Ukraine to ward against the Russian incursion.

Later in the broadcast, Carlson argued leftists seek to accelerate American collapse overseas. He said a Chinese invasion of Taiwan would harm the U.S.’s capacity to obtain semiconductors. Taiwan accounts for more than 90% of the world’s sophisticated semiconductor technology.

“Is that the trip’s objective?” he said of Pelosi’s visit before alleging that Barack Obama runs the Biden government.

“Could it be that all these people know perfectly well how reckless this is, know perfectly well what the effects could be, and they’re doing it not just despite those effects but because of those effects because, at least on some gut level, they want to hasten the end of American hegemony, which is to say the end of the U.S. as we know it?”

It’s a good question and valid theory.