Tucker Carlson Says Democrats Are Pushing A “Brain Damaged” Candidate On Purpose

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- Tucker Carlson referred to Pennsylvania’s Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman, a Democrat candidate for the Senate seat, as a “brain-damaged” candidate during a recent segment of his show.

Following Fetterman’s statement that he will debate Republican Senate contender Mehmet Oz even though he is still working hard to regain his speech after suffering a stroke in May, the host of Fox News took him to task for his decision.

Since he is “totally disabled,” Carlson positioned him as the ideal candidate to run for office and win.

Carlson stated that this was not some sort of Republican talking point. Tucker said it couldn’t be more genuine. Consider the implications of such a fact. His position within the Democratic Party has not been filled. Since he accepted the nomination, this has been going on, but he is still in the running for the position.

The host of Fox News continued, saying he believes that it is stunning, and it’s an insult, not just to the voters in Pennsylvania, but to everyone else, who, if this guy wins the election, will have to live under his tyranny.

Carlson said this is the angle that the Democratic Party favors. They were successful with Biden. They are attempting to accomplish the same thing with Fetterman. They use a wax figure to run for office. Tucker speculated that voters view individuals incapable of forming complete statements as less of a threat.

Carlson asserted that, like former President Joe Biden, Fetterman “can’t talk” at the moment and, as a result, the party would have an easy time “controlling” him.

The host then showed a video in which Fetterman responded angrily to Oz’s use of his health as a campaign issue and for “making fun” of him.

Carlson retorted, “If you have a problem with a brain-damaged senator, then you’re a bigot,” in response to the accusation of bigotry.

He sarcastically added that it is utterly inappropriate to bring up the fact that John Fetterman cannot fully serve as Pennsylvania’s senator in the United States Senate. This is deemed to be entirely out of bounds.

Carlson said that if this guy, an incompetent with ideas that are both incredibly stupid and totally destructive, a man with no record of achievement at all, a man with a long list of documented failures, a man who, by the way, is unable to think clearly, can pull it off, then they are capable of doing anything, literally.