Tucker Carlson Says The So-Called “Homeless” Have Invaded This Airport

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- Earlier this month, CBS News reported that Chicago’s O’Hare Airport has become a “dystopian” homeless encampment that has prompted safety concerns from both staff and airline travelers who have reported being harassed and followed.

One custodian who works night shifts told CBS News that the makeshift shelters erected inside the terminals have gotten “out of control” and nobody feels safe.

Pictures of homeless encampments at O’Hare have cropped up on social media, along with calls for Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot to do something to get the crisis under control

Homeless advocate Jessica Dubuar told CBS News that the number of homeless camping out at O’Hare has been increasing every year. When asked why the homeless aren’t being placed in shelters, Dubuar said all the shelters were full.

Last Wednesday, Chicago Alderman Raymond Lopez, a Democrat, blasted Lightfoot for the ongoing homeless crisis while appearing on Fox News’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

Lopez told host Tucker Carlson that the homeless are not only “urinating in the hallways,” but they are also bathing in the restroom toilets. He called on the mayor to address the problem that he said is “making a mockery of what Chicago is.”

Lopez argued that the city is “trying to encourage tourism” and attract families and businesses, and having travelers confronted by mentally ill or violent homeless at the airport does not instill confidence in Chicago or its mayor.

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In a press conference last Thursday, Mayor Lori Lightfoot told reporters that the city is taking the necessary steps to remove the homeless from the airports, according to CBS News.

The mayor’s office said in a statement that while it is not illegal to be homeless, trespassing is against the law, and city agencies are working to find places for the homeless in O’Hare and Chicago’s Midway airport while ensuring travelers and airport staff “remain safe and secure.”