Twitter Cites Foreign Hate Speech Law to Punish American Company

( Last Monday, The Christian Post reported that its Twitter account was suspended after the outlet tweeted that Joe Biden’s assistant secretary for health at HHS, “Rachel” Levine was born a man.

On Thursday, March 17, The Christian Post shared its article about USA Today naming “Rachel” Levine as one of its “Women of the Year” in which it noted that Levine was born a male named Richard before self-identifying as a woman.

Twitter sent the outlet an email on Friday, March 18 saying its tweet had been “flagged” for possibly violating Twitter’s hateful conduct policy. The email also informed The Christian Post that its tweet had been “flagged” for possibly violating France’s LCEN law on internet content.

Twitter frequently notifies users when they have been “flagged” for violating other countries’ laws on hate speech or online speech. It’s been doing that for years.

Later that day, The Christian Post received another email notifying it that its tweet on Richard Levine had been reported for violating German law, but its staff investigated the report and found that the tweet was not subject to removal under German law or Twitter’s rules.

Despite claiming the tweet didn’t violate Twitter Rules, on Sunday, March 20, The Christian Post received an email notification from Twitter saying the tweet violated its policy against “hateful conduct.” Twitter suspended the outlet, preventing them from sending tweets or liking and retweeting others. In the email, Twitter told The Christian Post that the suspension would be lifted 12 hours after it deleted the offending tweet.

The Christian Post, which appealed the suspension, is refusing to delete the “offending” tweet.

Twitter is going out of its way to prevent people from stating the blazingly obvious that men are not women no matter how much they “self-identify.”

The satire site The Babylon Bee was also recently suspended for sharing a joke headline announcing that it made “Rachel” Levine its Man of the Year.

Like The Christian Post, The Babylon Bee has refused to delete the tweet.

CEO Seth Dillon said in a tweet last Monday that Twitter is more than capable of deleting the tweet itself, “but they won’t.” Dillon said it isn’t enough for Twitter to remove it; “they want us to bend the knee and admit that we engaged in hateful content.”