Twitter Lawyer Started Sobbing When Elon Musk Bought Twitter

( When Elon Musk bought Twitter, he enraged users, the media, the government, and even Twitter’s own employees. Twitter lawyer Vijaya Gadde allegedly sobbed during a recent company leadership meeting.

Gadde was instrumental in removing then-President Donald Trump from the app. According to Politico, Gadde got upset while discussing “her team’s influence and pride in them.”

If Vijaya Gadde’s name seems familiar, it’s because she appeared on The Joe Rogan Experience in 2019 with former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. After the initial show drew criticism for Rogan’s hesitation to question Gadde and Dorsey, they returned for a second appearance with journalist Tim Pool.

On Monday, Twitter’s top lawyer sobbed at a meeting with staff about Elon Musk’s acquisition of the company, Politico reported.

Vijaya Gadde, Twitter’s head of law, policy, and trust, is reported to have moderated material. She counseled previous CEO Jack Dorsey and aided Musk and Twitter in their acquisition.

Gadde met online with legal and policy workers on Monday to discuss the deal.

She sobbed when explaining Twitter’s adjustments. Former workers say Musk’s ideals don’t match the company’s (though Dorsey has embraced the buy).

Gadde acknowledged major questions about what the corporation would look like under Musk’s leadership.

In an all-hands meeting on Monday, employees questioned everything from potential layoffs to Trump’s Twitter account reactivation, with CEO Parag Agrawal admitting the platform’s future was uncertain.

Musk is still a proponent of free speech, stating Tuesday that the platform shouldn’t filter anything legal.

Twitter’s regulations go well beyond that, punishing content that spreads misinformation about coronaviruses and hate speech.

Conservatives, who lauded Musk’s purchase and believe Twitter discriminates against right-wing viewpoints, especially after deplatforming Trump, typically cite “free speech” concerns.

CNN Business claimed in 2021 that Gadde was a driving force behind the decision.
The attorney is referred regarded as Twitter’s “moral authority” since she decides when stuff can be removed.

According to former Twitter COO Adam Bain, who worked with Gadde until leaving in 2016, “Vijaya is at the crossroads of some of the most crucial policy choices the business is making.”

Gadde reportedly suggested to Dorsey that he prohibit all political advertising on Twitter.
In 2020, the site covered her extensively, outlining her upbringing as an Indian immigrant in Beaumont, Texas. She stated her father was urged to get approval from the local KKK to sell insurance door-to-door.