U.S. Forces Capture Sensors From Chinese Balloon

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- After sending Navy divers to the site a week ago, the United States claims to have successfully retrieved vital sensors from the downed Chinese surveillance balloon.

According to reports, China has been vehement in its denials that the balloon was used for surveillance. Instead, it claimed that it was used for weather observation and simply got lost. Since then, the United States has shot down three other aircraft objects over its own or Canada’s airspace, but no evidence suggests they were Chinese.

Reports show search crews found significant debris from the site, including all the sensors and electronic devices indicated. The administration was anticipating high-tech sensors and professional-grade cameras.

Sailors from the Navy’s Assault Craft Unit 4 worked to process the debris found off the coast of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and deliver it to the FBI for further examination.

The Pentagon has disclosed that many Chinese balloons have undertaken unauthorized overflights of the United States over the last several years. Assistant Defense Secretary for Homeland Defense and Hemispheric Affairs Melissa Dalton claims that increased tracking since the discovery and destruction of the suspected spy balloon has contributed to the recent increase in the number of aerial objects being found and shot down over the United States.

The administration of Vice President Joe Biden had come under fire for its inaction in responding swiftly to the Chinese balloon’s threat when it crossed the United States continental territory.

Reports reveal a local amateur radio operator recognized one of the unidentified flying objects that were shot down over US territory. An Illinois group reports that its balloon vanished on November 11 after being tracked to Alaska. The military blasted something out of the sky on the same day.

President Biden spoke to the nation about the three UFOs that were shot down by US forces.

According to Biden, all three were likely balloons attached to private businesses, recreational or research institutes studying the weather, or undertaking other scientific studies.

While Biden hinted at their nature, he was vague about their details.