U.S. Navy Hospital Ship Arrives in New York City

(TheLibertyRevolution.Com)- As promised, the United States Navy hospital ship, USNS Comfort, arrived in New York City on Monday to assist with the coronavirus treatment efforts. The ship arrives just in time for the city to reach peak infection rates, where hospitals are expected to become overwhelmed with patients who require urgent respiratory care.

The outbreak is so bad in New York City that state government has implemented major restrictions on travel and work across the city, with people being encouraged to stay at home unless for essential travel.

The USNS Comfort has space for around 1,000 hospital beds. It also has a dozen operating theaters, meaning it is more than capable of handling everything the city hospitals already do. It is expected that the hospital will be used for non-coronavirus patients, while the hospitals in the city can remain contained and focused specifically on treating those suffering from the virus.

The ship docked at Manhattan pier at 11 am after a three-day journey from Virginia.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo greeted the ship in Manhattan. On Twitter, he said that the day would be remembered and that the new hospital capacity will save lives.

New York’s situation is expected to get worse in the coming weeks, and the nation prepares for other cities and states to experience the same fate. As a result of the worsening spread of the virus, President Donald Trump abandoned his plans to reopen the economy by Easter weekend.

On Sunday, Trump announced that the death rate in the United States is expected to continue increasing over the next two weeks. He described the prediction by his senior scientific advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci as “horrible.”

Speaking to MSNBC on Monday, Governor Cuomo said, “This virus has been ahead of us from day one.”

“Prepare for the apex. Have the materials for the apex. That’s when the system is going to collapse,” he added.

USNS Comfort will offer intensive care treatment for non-coronavirus cases, potentially saving thousands of lives. It comes with a team of medical staff who can provide important assistance while New York doctors and nurses treat COVID-19 sufferers.