U.S. Oscar Awards To Allow Un-Vaxed People

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- While Americans in major cities across the country are still required to present proof of COVID-19 vaccination to enter restaurants and gyms, celebrities and millionaires attending the Academy Awards won’t be required to do the same on March 27.

Attendees will only need to present a negative COVID-19 test to enter the ceremony, and it is still unknown whether they will be required to wear masks during the televised ceremony, which is due to take place at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will effectively be allowing people who haven’t even taken the vaccine to attend the awards ceremony – if there are any celebrities who haven’t subscribed to the hive mind, that is.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, employees at the event will be treated differently. Anyone working at the show will be required to show proof that they have taken the vaccine.

Is that for their own protection, or is it to protect the previous celebrities?

The report has not yet been confirmed by the Academy, but if it turns out to be true, it’s a radically different policy than what we’ve seen at Hollywood events over the last two years. Even this year, in fact, as the annual Screen Actors Guilds Awards on February 27 will require all attendees to be fully vaccinated.

Ticketed attendees will also need to prove that they have taken the COVID booster show and will even need to present a negative test taken two days before the ceremony.

The Critics Choice Awards also confirmed that their event on March 13 will only be for vaccinated celebrities.

It’s a step forward and a welcome change, but at what point will they drop the act entirely and stop requiring tests, masks, and vaccines?

Will this pandemic ever end?