U.S. Senate Committee Fails To Approve Biden Nominee

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- One of Joe Biden’s extremely radical Left nominees went down in flames last week after the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions failed to advance her nomination out of committee.

Catherine Lhamon was tapped by Biden to be the next assistant secretary for civil rights at the Department of Education – the same position she held during Barack Obama’s second term in office.

But Lhamon, like many of Biden’s other nominees, is a radical Leftist who, during her previous tenure heading up the Office for Civil Rights, ordered schools to violate the rights of students while failing to recognize the statutory limits on her authority.

It was under Lhamon’s leadership from 2013 to 2016 that the Office for Civil Rights enforced guidance that completely gutted due process protections and violated the First Amendment rights of students. Lhamon exploited that guidance to pressure institutions to restrict constitutionally protected speech and disregard basic procedural protections in campus disciplinary hearings.

Biden’s decision to nominate Lhamon was a clear signal that he intended to return to the Obama-era policies that received dozens of rebukes in Federal court.

Since leaving the Obama Department of Education, Lhamon continued her war on due process — routinely expressing contempt for the constitutional protections of students.

Even the radical CRT-loving Secretary of Education enjoyed bipartisan support within the committee. But Lhamon’s nomination was split 11 to 11 along party lines. Nominees receiving a tie in committee votes are not advanced out of committee to the full Senate.

The only way Biden can save Lhamon’s bacon is if Majority Leader Chuck Schumer steps in and offers a motion to bring her nomination to the Senate floor despite her failure in committee. That motion then would receive four hours of floor debate, and only advances her nomination if it passes the full Senate.

During her nomination hearing, Lhamon was given ample opportunity to state on the record that, if she were confirmed, she would keep key Title IX procedural protections in place. And on each occasion, Lhamon repeatedly refused to answer.