U.S. Senators Move To Intervene In Dangerous Iran Deal

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- On Friday, Republican senators introduced a bill that would require President Joe Biden to approve any deal agreed with the terrorist state of Iran over its nuclear activity in the Senate. It’s a step towards ensuring that President Biden cannot harm America with another deal, similar in nature to Barack Obama’s failed “Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action” agreed in 2015.

Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin headed up the efforts and has long criticized the president and his efforts to get Tehran to return to compliance with the original deal/

Not that they were ever truly in compliance in the first place…

Under the legislation, presuming it is passed in the House and the Senate, any deal made with Iran would require the Senate to sign off with a majority of two-thirds before it goes into effect.

It makes negotiating with Iran just that little bit harder for the president, though at this stage, Iran has already ruled out discussions until the United States lifts every single sanction implemented during the Trump administration.

In a statement, Senator Johnson said it was evident that the Biden administration was appeasing adversaries including Russia and state sponsors of terrorism like Iran. He added that Iran’s terrorist proxies, including Hamas, were also being appeased, and that the president should address these threats rather than “coddle” the Iranian regime.

While the White House has stressed the importance of returning Iran to compliance with the 2015 Nuclear Deal, the country still refuses to engage in direct talks, and European intermediaries in Vienna continue to oversee the indirect discussions.

Republicans have urged the president to maintain sanctions on Iran, as a deal would not stop the country’s path to developing nuclear weapons, but it looks like it could all be too late.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken said last week that the “breakout time” of Iran developing nuclear weapons could be simply a matter of weeks.

He stressed the importance of allowing a treaty to be approved by the Senate as it “involves risks that affect our entire nation.”