U.S. Spy Accidentally Put Top Secret Files Online, Exposed

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- According to reports, a US spy left British military secrets online after uploading them so that he could work from the comfort of his own home.

In his report, Adam Sitzes published information on the Royal Air Force’s Typhoon fighter planes, revealed arms sales, and named prominent authorities and counter-terrorist personnel from the United Kingdom, NATO, and Ukraine.

Mr. Sitzes, a 40-year-old US Air Force employee, is suspected of having forgotten about the unencrypted document after uploading it to file-sharing website Trello and making it publicly accessible so he could examine it from any device. After working with the sensitive material from his home in the summer of 2020, Sitzes simply left all the work on the site.

Enemies could have easily gotten their hands on the information because the platform was not hidden behind state firewalls and protection.

The spy had forgotten that the files were public and left them “gift-wrapped” for Chinese and Russian agents to find.

Mr. Sitzes has leaked information about US arms deals and emails that show the names of National Security Agency employees in the US, which is like the British GCHQ.

There were also top officials from the United States, Britain, and NATO on the list of names that were on the site.

After hearing the news, a source said that these kinds of mistakes are “career enders.”

The app lets users access the files from any device with a few simple login details, so they can work from anywhere when using the app.

The leaked information and data were found in a matter of seconds with a simple Google search.
The Typhoon plane is at the heart of the United Kingdom’s Royal Air Force (RAF). It can send quick response alerts over the Falkland Islands and keep an eye on the air with NATO allies in the Baltic and the Black Sea areas.

If the UK’s secrets are spilled online, UK’s security could be put at risk. If hostile countries get their hands on information about their most important technology, the country’s vulnerability could be catastrophic.