U.S. Troops Attacked After Biden’s Reckless Military Strike

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- Following President Joe Biden’s decision to bomb the Middle East on June 28, without consulting Congress, American troops have come under fire. The Hill reports how a day after the Pentagon launched the airstrikes against militia groups operating o the Iraq-Syria border, which are believed to be supported by the Iranian regime, American military personnel came under fire from enemy rockets.

Col. Wayne Marotto, the official spokesperson for Operation Inherent Resolve, said that the attack took place at 7:44pm Syrian time.

He said that American forces were targeted by multiple rockets, and no injuries were reported.

He later offered an update saying that the United States conducted a counter-battery artillery fire at the positions where enemy rockets were launched from.

It’s confirmation that President Joe Biden’s decision to launch a new round of airstrikes at Iran-backed militias is provoking a tit-for-tat response that will put American military personnel in further danger. After all, the attack came only one day after his latest airstrike on the Syria-Iraq border.

On Monday, Senate Democrats stepped up and asked President Joe Biden to explain his reasoning behind the latest attacks in detail, amidst fears that he could have violated the War Powers Act.