Uh Oh: Bernie Sanders Wants A Partial Recanvass In Iowa

(TheLibertyRevolution.com) – Bernie Sanders’ campaign announced on Monday that they are seeking a partial recanvass of some of Iowa’s precincts, following a disastrous caucus count. After the Democratic Party’s lawyer announced that errors on results sheets will not be changed as a matter of law, the move to hold a recanvass is Sanders’ only chance to ensure a fair result from the caucus.

Even though certified results were released on Sunday night, errors in the results sheets meant that Sanders received more votes than his opponent Pete Buttigieg, but fewer delegates overall.

Interestingly, Sanders’ campaign was joined by Buttigieg’s team in their request.

Sanders’ campaign is interested in recanvassing three satellite caucuses and 25 precincts within Iowa that were hit with bad reporting. It is thought that once the errors are corrected, not by changing the results sheets but by recanvassing those regions, then Sanders would receive an extra delegate. With polls showing that the second most likely result of the Democratic primaries is a brokered convention, that single delegate could prove extremely important.

Buttigieg, who received the most delegates in the Iowa caucus, has asked for a total of 66 precincts in Iowa to be recounted, as well as every satellite caucus. That makes a total of 143 precincts within the state, which is significantly more than the demands of the Sanders campaign.

The chairman of the Iowa Democratic Party, Troy Price, didn’t know how long it would take to perform the recanvass when asked by the media. However, if the last count is anything to go by, there would just be room for more things to go wrong.

Jeff Weaver, a senior advisor in the Sanders campaign, said, “While a recanvass is just the first step in the process and we don’t expect it to change the current calculations, it is a necessary part of making sure Iowans can trust the final results of the caucus.”

He added, “Our volunteers and supporters worked too hard, and too many people participated for the first time to have the results depend on calculations that even the party admits are incorrect. Once the recanvass and a subsequent recount are completed in these precincts, we feel confident we will be awarded the extra national delegate our volunteers and grassroots donors earned.”

Right now, Buttigieg has taken 14 delegates while Sanders has 12.