UK Judge SYMPATHETIC To Trans Women Who Beat Up Teenager In London

( A 19-year-old man was beaten up by a gang of transgender women in London according to Court News UK, after he publicly (and perhaps rudely) acknowledged the existence of biological sex. The report suggests that the woman claimed real women have vaginas, which sent the transgender people into a rage.

29-year-old Tamsin Lush and Tylah Jo Bryan, along with Amarnih Lewis-Daniel and Hannah Bryan who were both 24, pled guilty to violently attacking Al Shabeeb outside of the London Underground Station in Leicester Square.

Hannah Bryan reportedly said during an interview that there was a conversation with the young man outside of the London Underground station which resulted in him claiming, “You’re not a woman, you need a fanny to be a woman.”

In the United Kingdom, the term “fanny” is a slang word that means “vagina.”

Jacinta Stringer, the prosecutor in the case, said that the comments “started an altercation.”

Altercation is an understatement.

Court News UK reported how transgender person Tamsin Lush took extreme offence to the comments, and “drop-kicked” the man in the street. Shabeeb then fell to the ground, at which point the other transgender women began stomping on his body and kicking him.

Stringer said that Hannah Bryan “came at a later stage and tried to pull them off,” but was then “also seen trying to kick the male.”

So they all had a go at hurting him.

One of the culprits can be seen in the image tweeted by Court News below.

The judge in this case appeared to side somewhat with the trans women, though still didn’t let them off the hook for their violent attack.

“I accept that had it not been for the alleged victim in this case there probably wouldn’t have been an incident,” Judge Nigel Seed said. “The four of you then were subjected to extremely offensive transphobic and racial abuse and let it be known how this started, whatever the gutter newspapers would have said in their reports.”


“I do not in any way condone your behavior but I accept that what happened to you at the beginning of the incident was entirely wrong and people like you should not be subject to that abuse in the public domain or anywhere,” he added, before sentencing them to two-year condition discharges, a six-month curfew, and 20 days of rehabilitation including anger management.