UK Teachers Union Will Allow People To Self-Identify As Another Race

( The madness of trans-racialism has escaped the United States and has now set up shop in the United Kingdom.

Reports reveal how a top higher education trade union in the U.K. has publicly endorsed support for the idea of trans-racialism, which says that people who identify as a different race can be classified as a different race.

This month, the University and College Union Edinburgh branch – which is in Scotland – published a statement on its social media page to affirm its support for the idea of “trans inclusion.”

They have so many unnecessary words that mean the same thing, don’t they?

The statement said that they believe “liberation cannot be built on exclusion.”

It did not, however, go on to explain who is being liberated…and from what.

The social media post linked to a document from 2019 titled “UCU position on trans inclusion,” which argued that anybody within the union should be able to identify as whatever they like. It gave the example of people being allowed to self-identify as “being black, disabled, LGBT+ or women.”

What? They can’t identify as men? Or horses? That doesn’t sound like inclusion to us!

For real, though, this is kind of scary. In what universe can someone claim to be disabled when they’re not? Would that mean non-disabled people would be able to gain access to services and assistance designed to help people who actually need it?

A member of staff from Edinburgh University, who insisted on remaining anonymous, told British newspaper The Times that the matter of trans rights is being “weaponized” in the United Kingdom with a view to forcing out any academics who don’t agree with it.

“The branch is being used as a platform for an ideological crusade, with no resistance from University of Edinburgh management,” the university worker said.

This can’t end well, can it?