Ukraine Deploys Cyber Hackers In Counterespionage Scheme Against Russia

( Ukranians are not just beating back Russian forces with boots on the ground, they are doing it by booting up their computers, as well.

Civilians with expertise in all things cyber are hacking into correspondences between the Russians and Russian loyalists within Ukraine.

Called pro-Russian separatists, these informants aid and assist Russian forces by turning over any intelligence they can gather in order to defeat the Ukraine military and their fellow citizens. Oleksiy Goncharenko, a Ukraine legislator, broke the story about the hackers on his Telegram account. He is the founder of the Goncharenko Center of Education and Culture.

The hackers discovered communications emanating from the recently conquered city of Kherson. They uncovered these separatist informants corresponding on a social media platform called V Kontakte, the biggest platform in Russia, with over 500 million users.

One screenshot that was provided showed that the separatists may have helped take down Kherson, and bragging about being able to be inside and play the role of turncoat.

The messages include conveying that they would soon be infiltrating the city that would fall- “We will be in Kherson tomorrow.” It went on to read that they would be surveilling “the Nazis” (Ukranians) that were active in the city.

Their mission was to capture and silence people who shared information and “agitated people to protest.” They assured that rest of the populace would be “captured later.”

Other groups have joined in the cyber espionage effort.

#Anonymous recently hacked Russian streaming services and telecasts –

Who controls the information, the narrative and the reporting has a huge tactical advantage in a modern war. These hackers are as valuable as a battalion, that’s for sure.