Ukraine Sniper Reportedly Breaks Record For Longest Shot

( Last month, the Ukrainian army claimed that one of its snipers made the world’s second-longest kill shot, striking a Russian soldier from a distance of 1.68 miles, or 2.7 kilometers.

Ukraine’s Strategic Command shared footage of the apparent hit on Telegram, saying the Russian “occupier was eliminated by a precise shot of our commandos from a distance of 2710 m” (or 2.71 kilometers).

Put another way, this would be like attempting to hit a target in the middle of Central Park while standing in Times Square.

It is three times the length of the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifas in Dubai.

The grainy 24-second thermal imaging footage posted on Telegram shows a Russian walking among the trees. After several seconds, the Russian comes to a standstill at which point the white crosshairs of the sniper’s scope settle on the figure. A moment later, the Russian collapses to the ground.

The snipers in the Ukrainian military use the Snipex Alligator, one of the largest and most powerful rifles ever made. It measures 6’-5” in length and is capable of blowing a target to pieces.

While there is no universally verified record of the longest shots by a sniper, the world’s farthest-recorded hit has been attributed to an unknown Canadian sniper from Joint Task Force 2 in 2017. This sniper is credited with making a kill from 2.2 miles away, or 3.54 kilometers.

If the Ukraine military is on the up-and-up, the Ukraine sniper displaced the former second-longest known kill shot which was attributed to former Corporal of the Horse sniper Craig Harrison, from the Blues and Royals cavalry regiment of the British Army.

In 2009, Harrison consecutively killed two Taliban machine gunners with one shot from a distance of 1.53 miles or 2.47 kilometers.