UN Makes Mysterious Hire Of 100,000 To Police The Internet

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- Censorship continues to run rampant for the regime in power as the United Nations recruited 110,000 “digital first responders” to police the internet and battle “misinformation” on both social media and other forums, according to the body’s communications director in a report from WND.

The United Nation’s Melissa Fleming made the disclosure on an unsurprising podcast hosted by the World Economic Forum in an Octover 2020 episode titled “Seeking a Cure for the Infodemic.” Her remarks recently resurfaced last week on Twitter.

“So far, we’ve recruited 110,000 information volunteers, and we equip these information volunteers with the kind of knowledge about how misinformation spreads and ask them to serve as kind of ‘digital first-responders’ in those spaces where misinformation travels,” she said.

At the time that the comment resurfaced, the Gateway Pundit reported that the Facebook and Instagram accounts of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Children’s Health Defense Fund (CHD) were shut down. Kennedy has been a leading critic of the COVID-19 and wrote his bestselling book “The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health,” released as he has been touring the world trying to relay the information of a global conspiracy against the people.

CHD has filed a lawsuit against Facebook for colluding with the CDC over COVID “misinformation.” New reports found that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention colluded with big tech social platforms and Google to censor any dissent around COVID-19 vaccines, according to Washington Free Beacon.

CHD noted that their deplatforming came after the CDC “quietly walked back many of their previous COVID-19 policies that CHD has criticized since the beginning of the pandemic,” adding that there is “no clear indication of why Facebook and Instagram chose to deplatform us at this time, but the timing dovetails with our ongoing censorship lawsuit against Facebook.”